MBS Relationship Principles

1. To be able to communicate with others, we must listen to them from their point of view.

2. We need to be in control of our own temperament.

3. Prejudice is an opinion that we have based on a lack of information.

4. As a person thinks within their heart so are they.

5. Concern caused by misunderstanding drains energy.

6. Defensiveness always results when people feel criticized or attacked.

7. When we lose our focus, we take people’s comments in a personal way.

8. Maturity is the ability and willingness to consider someone besides yourself.

9. It only takes one to make an effort for a relationship to improve.

10. The basic principle of free enterprise: When you give, you will receive.

11. Asking for help appeals to all temperaments.

12. When our temperament controls us, it costs us … in time, money and stress.

13. It’s not how they said it, it’s how you heard it.

14. Success comes from doing … not trying … you must experience it.

15. When understanding comes in, misunderstanding leaves.

16. Relationship principles work whether you understand them or not.

17. Visibility creates accountability and produces results.