Video Training

  • Facilitate Management By Strengths for a small group
  • Learn MBS while you’re traveling
  • Spread the training segments over a number of meetings
  • Review a specific section of the class
  • Bring new hires up to speed

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Virtual Teambuilders

“Virtual” MBS training for your team that’s in multiple locations.

  • Learn effective ways to communicate with team members
  • Experience transparent and non-threatening environment
  • Build and strengthen trust relationships
  • Improve collaboration with colleagues and clients

On-Site Seminars

Fundamentals, Advanced Training, Sales, etc. MBS can tailor these live sessions to meet your specific goals.

On-site Training allows for maximized interaction, not only with the instructor, but with other students in the class.  Students listen to the description of the different traits and as they look at their co-worker’s graph on the name card … a light goes on.

Ahhhh, now I understand him!

Trainer Certification

The MBS Train The Trainer program provides a company the flexibility to teach the Management by Strengths Fundamental Course at any time, with any size class. Once certified, trainers can then teach MBS teambuilding skills to the remainder of the company’s employees.

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