The focus of the Direct person is on getting results, being in control and solving problems.

You probably know someone whose dominant temperament trait is Directness. They’re the ones who take charge, wanting to lead rather than follow. High D people have a direct style of communication … they get right to the point. Sometimes their direct style can be misunderstood as criticism, when really all they were doing was saying what was on their mind in a very direct way.

● Focus is on results, being in control, solving problems.

● They act on their environment rather than reacting to it.

● Naturally self-confident, high ego people.

● Hard driving and decisive.

● They are candid (which others may take as criticism).

● Take pride in solving problems.

● Hate having anyone looking over their shoulder.

How to work with the High D Person

● Be direct and to the point.

● Explain WHAT.

● Focus on results and control.

● Support their goals.

● Talk about taking action.

● Provide freedom and options.

● Act business like, time conscious and factual.

The Non-Threatening Person
— D Below the Center Line —

● Low key.

● Non-threatening and Non-intimidating.

● Often are modest