The focus of the Paced person is on timing, harmony and cooperation.

It’s easy to recognize someone that has Pace as their dominant trait. Paced people appear laid back, relaxed and easy going. They don’t rush … they just move along in a smooth, under control manner. High P people HATE to be put under pressure, so they naturally avoid pressuring others. High P people are helpful and cooperative.

● Appear cool, calm and controlled under pressure

● Roll with the punches … take things in stride

● Noted for persistence and cooperation

● Do not like to be rushed at the last minute … plan ahead

● Time, schedules, deadlines are important

● Warm and friendly (may be perceived as extrovert)

● Tend to hold things within … not make waves

How to work with the High P Person

● Be calm and under control.

● Explain WHEN.

● Focus on timing and harmony.

● Support their schedule.

● Emphasize about cooperation.

● Provide deadlines and agree as to “when”.

● Act patient and unhurried.

The Urgent Person
— P Below the Center Line —

● Have a great sense of urgency to accomplish goals.

● Often rushing at the last minute.

● Not as good a listener.