My Organization is
New to MBS

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1. Have you taken the MBS Survey? If not, Click Here

  • Your MBS Profile Report will not only give you some insight into your own temperament, but it’s a great way to see the type of information that the report provides.

2. Watch the “Milk & Cookies” Video.

  • A great example about how a relationship can be strengthened through improved understanding and better communication.

3. Try out the MBS Profile Viewer

  • These tools will help you and your coworkers take specific steps to strengthen your working relationships.

4. Start gathering your people’s data by having them complete the MBS Survey.

5. Consider MBS Training for your team. This link will bring up a clip discussing the MBS Profile Report from the Management By Strengths Fundamental Course.

  • Improved communication and teamwork will be immediate results of MBS training.

My Organization
Already Uses MBS

1. Have you taken the MBS Survey? If not, Click Here

  • You will need your company’s account number and password

2. If you’ve taken the survey, you can look up your report using the MBS Profile Viewer by logging into Client Access.

3. Print out the Overview of the 4 Traits page. It’s a useful summery of each of the High Traits and how to best interact with people who have those temperaments.

4. Display your colored grid in the workplace … it reflects how you would like to be treated.

5. Have your spouse or significant other take the MBS Survey … family profiles are free.